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sup [01290610:54am]
big shot - stray light run
1 Had some composure, but where was their posture?

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Leo and Cancer
You tend to direct your energy outward and may be considered extroverted. You are less inclined to consider the needs of others as much as your Cancer friend. Your bright and sunny ways may have to be adjusted to consider the emotions of moody Cancer. The Crab is often introverted, pensive and attuned to the feelings and sensitivities of others.

In a way, you are like day and night. You are the Sun. Your lover is the Moon. It will take some time for you two to adjust to this significant difference, but it will be easier if the Moon in your birth chart is in Cancer or another water sign, like Scorpio or Pisces. Click here to learn the placement of your Moon.

Regardless, you demand attention and need to be affirmed with approval in your daily life. You can easily outshine your partner, who may be quite good at meeting the needs of another, yet requires less attention and demonstrative affection. The most important thing, however, for your quiet Cancer sweetheart, is that he or she needs to be safe and secure in an intimate relationship. You must ask yourself if you have the ability to give this kind of healing devotion to your needy Cancer mate.

He or she may not prance in the spotlight with you, but the Crab’s power is in their emotions and not their actions. You will need to offer each other plenty of room to express your natural differences, while at the same time paying close attention to the inner and outer needs of each other. This can be a difficult relationship unless, for the sake of peace at home, you are willing to turn your loud roar into a quiet purr.
Had some composure, but where was their posture?

Had some composure, but where was their posture?

for JJ [06250510:27pm]
am i loud and clear or am i breaking up?
am i still your charm or am i just bad luck?
are we getting closer or are we getting more lost?
im a mess of insecurities attention starved with a narcissistic twist ;
dont you think that im amazing?
please tell me im worth dating..
i have every reason not to leave home today.

summer's here & the time is right for dancing in the streets.

you & i could be the summer romance everyone wishes they could have .

put your hand between
an aching head and an aching world
we'll make them so jealous
we'll make them hate us

I never thought I would meet someone Who would be so hard to forget

Why do you have to push me so hard?
you're pushing me away
I ask, please don't do this to me
but you're doing it anyway :: Please Don't Do This-plain white t's

I just wanna feel you tonight
making sure the moment's just right
I could die just staring in your eyes
I just wanna feel your heartbeat
hold you even closer to me
Fall asleep with you right by my side
We'll see fireworks tonight :: Fireworks - plain white t's
Had some composure, but where was their posture?


1 Had some composure, but where was their posture?

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:elevator_drop
Your haiku:it wont happen so
then after dinner me and
kitakt watched shrek
Created by Grahame
Had some composure, but where was their posture?

jyulia is being a moron
and updating my lj

cuz i forgaet that this thing exists all the time.

so i dfnt update

but shes a whore and updateds her almost everyday

---awesome how i just wrote that by myeslef

yeh vince is cool

mebe his name is vinnie now?


ps- i love kk more hten her does
1 Had some composure, but where was their posture?

turkey day maybe? [11260412:02pm]
[ mood | blank ]

turkey day went well. kitkat and her mom got into a fight and my dad tried to make them stop, and so the cranberry sauce went flying.
but after that everything went ok besides that. our biggest fear (me and kitkats) is that our families will stop getting along....i hope it wont happen.

so then after dinner me and kitakt watched shrek 2 and then becky came over cuz shirley and mo were at their granparens houses. so after that becky spent the night at kitkats house and today i thnk the 4 of us are all going to the pizza place and then shopping at the mall for earlky christmas shopping. that will be fun. i dnt know what im getting kitkat. shit.


2 Had some composure, but where was their posture?

oh yeh turkey day tomorrow [11240411:59pm]
[ mood | tape dispensers? ]

turkey day is tomorrow. kitkat's family is spending the day with us-cuz both of out families are back in NY near our beloved JJ. yeh so some kid at school was hospitalized from slittin her wrists with the blade of a tape dispenser. damn everythings a weapon nowadays.

Had some composure, but where was their posture?

hell yeah bitches [1123048:43pm]
[ mood | working ]

yeh so i havnt seen kitkat in forever ive been with mo all weekend...letrs not talk about that whole party thing with this weekend? yeh its number on ein my new lj. fuck everthing else. im just like kitkat-i dnt write much in these....blah blah funn how me, mo, kitkat, shirley and becky are all makin new lj's tonight and we all use the same 100 screenames and share one email address and we're dorks and call ourselves goup de chucks. aka we all have atleast 2 pairs of chucktaylor hightops. yeh spobgebob kicks butt and if u dnt like it suck my fuckin cock. oh yeh-thats just for kitkat to do. HAHAHAHA laughs ass off and i can never forget JULIA! peace to my home dawgie in new jersey. yeh the west coast is so much better. nah newyork is cool but im glas i moved to cali. love you kitkat. alright gotta go call matt for nex weekend.


2 Had some composure, but where was their posture?

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